Option 1 “I Want It All” Package

Benefits You Will Experience Along This Journey….
√ Private 1-2-1 Mentorship with Jenn for 6 Full Months
√ Clarify Your Purpose and Use it to Further Fuel Your Dreams
√ Strategically Create Your Unique Game Plan that Guarantees Success!
√ Continue to Identify & Erase Any Limiting Beliefs as They Arise
√ 2 One-Hour Coaching Sessions Each Month

√ My Famous “Legacy” Coffee Mug
√ Paid In Full Bonus:  One Additional Month of Coaching


Option 2 – “Make The LEAP” 4 Month Program

√ Clarify Your Purpose and Experience Increased Confidence, Fulfillment and Joy
√ Strategically Create a Unique Game Plan that Supports your Values – Making Room for Personal Time and Fun
√ Erase Limiting Beliefs and Widen your Path to Achievement
√ Creatively Market you and your Business to Bring Consistent Income
√ Enjoy Collective Group Wisdom/Accountability/Connections/Camaraderie
√ Learn the P.O.P. Process – No more Yo-Yo Weight Loss + Negative Self-Talk takes a Funny Turn
√ Groups of 8-10 Participants **1-2 Hour Group Coaching Sessions 2x’s/Month x 4 Months

√ My Famous “Legacy” Coffee Mug


Option 3 – Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

√ NLP is a highly effective set of psychological tools for: change, motivation, success, empowerment, influence, persuasion and communication.
√ Reframe Fibromyalgia Pain and Self-Defeating Weight Loss Behavior
√ Fast Cures for Phobias & Negative Past Experience
√ Create a Circle of Excellent to Guarantee More Confident Speaking Presentations


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